News and events specifically from the Texas region.

Steve Armstrong Wins TX "Vegas or Bust" Championship

Steve Armstrong recently won the Texas "Vegas or Bust" Championship beating out Scott Goessling for the full trip package which includes airfare allowance and free hotel stay at Hooters Casino.  The final hand summary is as follows:

Scott raised from the small blind pre-flop, Steve called the double the blind raise.  On a flop of 2d, 7d, Qd Steve checked his option and Scott bet half the pot, Steve smooth called.  5s came on the turn which Steve bet enough to put Scott all in.  Scott quick called and turned over two pair Q-7.  Steve tabled the nut flush with A-5d.  The river was a blank eliminating Scott.  Steve eliminated the last four players in the championship.

Scott isn't going away empty handed though as by coming in second place he qualified for the Vegas or Bust National Championship as well.  Coming in third was Brian Hurst who also gets to make the trip for their shots at 1 of 12 seats into this years WSOP.

Jason Kabakoff Takes Down Texas Championship

Jason Kabakoff took down the Texas State Championship to win his way to the Poker Pro National Championship. Jason was able to defeat Gene Gregorio heads up for the win. Both players qualified for the December 3rd National Championship, but for the victory Jason receives the airfare allowance and the free hotel stay. We look for both of these fierce competitors from Texas to make a run for the 1st place Poker Pro $10,000 contract.

Justin Chapman Wins TX Gold Rush 2 Championship

justin_chapman_txOn Saturday October 30th Texas poker players gathered around at Reeds American Grill to decide who would be the next representative of Texas at the FPN National Championship in Las Vegas.  The tournament started out fast as Paul Poropatic was the unlucky first one out.  Paul is a fast and furious player where its either out early or running through the tournament.  Things slowed down for a bit, but after a while Gene Gregorio was eliminated when his two pair ran into trips.  It took over an hour before the next person to get knocked out as the play tightened a bit as all the players were keeping their eye on the prize.

After a six hour grindfest we had finally arrived at our final three players and things tightned up once again.  For the next 45 minutes the chips just seemed to circulate around the table.  Justin Chapman was able to take out Gary Knowles after a flop of 10-J-4.  Both players got them all in there, Gary was holding top pair top kicker and just had 9-10, but the river fell another 10 to steal the pot from Gary and knock him out.

Justin and Kay Dipalma played heads up for over an hour.  After the mental exhaustion of the championship tournament Kay moved all in with A-J only to run into trip 10's by Justin giving him the title of the new Texas State Champion.

By winning Justin has won a seat into the very exclusive National Championship in Las Vegas and will be competing with 25 other players from around the country. There will be $20,000 in cash up for grabs with $5,000 of it going to the winner. We look forward to seeing Justin in Las Vegas.

Tom Ritter wins Texas Championship

The Texas State Tournament was held on Sunday May 1st at Tollie's BBQ in Arlington, Texas. 26 players came out to attempt to win their way to Sin City and play in the National Championship. The cards started flying and our first casualty came within the first 20 minutes when AK came up against pocket Aces after an Ace came on the flop...

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Andrew Downing Stays Hot, Wins Again

adowning-042410-1-wFresh off his National Championship victory just one month ago in the Fall Spectacular promotion, Andrew Downing of Texas has done it again!  He was the winner of the Texas state championship held this past weekend and will be heading back to Las Vegas to play in the World Series of Poker.  He will also compete against 24 other players in the National Championship with the winner getting a buy-in into the World Series of Poker Main Event.  Andrew will be trying to become the first ever Free Poker Network player to become a two time National Champion.

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