Independent Representative Program Overview


IMG_3881-wGrass-roots league organizers are the backbone of the Free Poker Network and have made the league what it is today. There are many benefits to becoming an Independent Representative and you will find becoming an integral part of the league is a very rewarding experience.

Compensation Plan for Independent Reps:

  • Recurring Commission: 10%of the total league sponsorship fees based on PAID invoices and the current accounts you have that are running. The higher the sponsorship level, the higher the total commissions.
  • New Account Sign-Up Bonus: For each new account you sign-up, you receive a bonus of 4x the amount of weekly sponsorship; for example, Standard accounts you receive $50 x 4 = $200 bonus. For Elite sponsorships you would more.
  • Kickoff Night/Training Bonus: $80 for onsite training. Note: this bonus is only available for those accounts at Standard or Elite sponsors.
  • Regional/State Playoff Bonus: $100 for organizing and running playoff events.
  • Special Sales Incentives: Earn a seat in the current national championship series plus hotel/airfare and up to $1,000 cash!
  • Hosting duties: Many hosts earn most of the revenue dealing for tips or charging the venue for hosting services. 
  • Base Pay: Eligible for organizers who build and maintain multiple locations in their organization, usually starting at 5 locations or more. 

Full Time Potential/Master Reps

Additional commission and bonus opportunities exist for those who have the ability to build an organization by recruiting additional sales reps and managing a larger territory. Exclusive rights to a territory is possible. Please inquire with home office for details. Full time status building poker leagues in your area is certainly possible!

Getting Started

To get started, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and tell us what you know about the poker scene in your area. We'd love to start a discussion with you!