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Currently there are three (3) Sponsorship Levels ranging from $30 (Basic) to $100+ (Elite)

Please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for complete details!

How It Works: The purpose of the poker league promotion is to provide a GREAT ENTERTAINMENT experience to attract NEW CUSTOMERS. Our unique poker league format is an excellent tool for building traffic and enhancing the atmosphere of your bar/restaurant/tavern.

Participating bars host FREE-TO-PLAY Texas Holdem tournaments where winners receive points. The top points earners each month advance to qualifying playoff tournaments and eventually regional finals to advance to the national finals where the bulk of the prizes are awarded...ALL TOURNAMENTS ARE ALWAYS 100% FREE-TO-PLAY.   

Complete poker league setup package

The grand prizes rewarded are a poker player's dream: seats in the most prestigious and richest televised poker tournaments in the world, and CASH. All prizes are administered and guaranteed by Free Poker Network, Inc.

Hosting a league in the Free Poker Network is one of the lowest risk promotions you can do to build regular traffic, but may not be a good fit for every situation. Contact us and we will be happy to discuss the pros and cons of establishing a poker night at your establishment.


"I have had the opportunity to witness other poker organizations and Dakota Poker League's (Free Poker Network) level of professionalism is second to none.  I look forward to future promotions and a continued relationship with the league.  Thanks again for all that you do."  Borrowed Bucks-Fargo

"Our company has been with the Minnesota Poker League for approximately 2 years.  Let me tell you a few of the great things that has happened at our place of business as a result.  When we first joined the league we started with 15 players - we now have over 50 players 3 times per week and have enjoyed a tremendous increase in liquor sales.  Many of our players are customers we had never met prior to the league, and now they come for breakfast, lunch or dinner, and book special or private parties throughout the year!  At the end of each tournament we host a "pot luck" party for the players and family which has been great for building personal relationships.  The poker league staff are great to work with, they have promotional ideas and will set you up completely and guide you in every way.  Shuffle up and deal!"  -Peter Konig, The Patch Restaurant (Warroad, MN 218-386-2082)

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can I have FREE poker tournaments in my establishment?
A: PLEASE UNDERSTAND THERE IS NO ENTRY FEE FOR PLAYERS WHATSOEVER.  Our extensive research indicates as long as there is no consideration on the part of the player (no buy in, or other fee) then the entertainment activity is not considered gambling by definition.  However, some states take a tougher stance than others.  Please consult your local state's attorney for clarification. 

Q: What kind of crowd does Texas Holdem attract?
A: Texas holdem has become very mainstream and attracts a wide variety of customers.  The best part is that poker leagues bring new faces into your establishment (It is VERY important to use outdoor signage and other forms of advertisement to kickoff your new promotion).  We highly recommend a first drink special to encourage players to socialize.

Q: I don't know much about poker, should I do this?
A: Poker can be intimidating for people who don't play. Don't let it be!  The game is quite simple and can be taught to anyone very quickly.  It does help if you have some basic understanding of how Texas Hold'em Tournaments are played, and we provide training including a manual with detailed rules & explanations.  If you are willing to invest some time in learning the game and becoming a great host, you will be rewarded.  

Q: How do I get my league up and going?
A: Post fliers and start taking registrations! Announce the day of the week your league will run.  Flyers and word-of-mouth will go a long way, but additional advertisement (radio / print) may be necessary to take your poker night to the next level.

Q: How long will the poker tournaments last?
This will depend somewhat on the size of your league. However, a typical poker tournament will last anywhere from 2-1/2 to 4 hours.

Q: How can I maximize revenues?
A: Make sure to wait on your customers! (very important).  Good service pays because players are sitting the majority of the time and often don't want to get up unless they have to...For those who bust out of the tournament early, offer a FREE side tournament or "second chance" tournament for a small door prize (such as a free drink), and you'll keep many of your players hanging around. 

Q: How often can we play?
A: You can start right away but regular league sessions are usually 12 to 16 weeks. 

Q: What type of equipment is used?
A: We offer a great startup equipment package for new establishments. This package includes everything you'll need to start running weekly Texas Hold 'Em tournaments. The package is very affordable.

Padded poker tabletop