Tanya Rausis Wins in SD Twice in 4 Days

SD 100wsop champs 160wFresh off her victory at the Brandon VFW Super TOC four days earlier to get herself qualified for the National Championship, Tanya Rausis (VFW, Brandon) was in the same building now shooting for a double stack for the National Championship inwhich she was able to accomplish by finishing in the top seven.  Coming along with Tanya will be some familiar faces as Terry "Doc" Gloe (Shenanigan's Pub, Sioux Falls) was able to qualify for the Nationals for his third time.  Nicole Kaul (Sedona Pub, Tyndall) and Jake Obermeier (Shenanigan's Pub, Sioux Falls) will be coming along for their second time each respectively.  Joining them will be first time state champs Tim Baatz (Shenanigan's Pub, Sioux Falls), Larry Goeken (Shenanigan's Pub, Sioux Falls), and Olander "Doc" Benson (VFW, Brandon).  The second chance winner to get qualified for the National Championship was Travis Lee (VFW, Brandon) to round out the eight new SD winners.

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