John Jackson Wins New Jersey Championship

Then Ed Hoffman, Lynn Berardesco and Nicole Neal also ended their time at the table. Soon after, Cliff Bakley went all-in with his pocket Ks against John Jackson's pocket Qs. Then John caught a Q on the turn to knock out Cliff. Laura Schauble was knocked out next in the bubble leaving eight remaining players. Tim Neal was next to exit the game, and Joe Buzby from The Rail pushed all in against John Jackson. John was leading pre-flop and after the flop, but on the turn Joe caught his flush. John, getting up to leave, was quickly surprised when he discovered he had rivered a full house to knock out Joe!

nj_dlv_champMike Berardesco, Dave O'Hare and Nataliya Goliney--all double stacked players--went out in 4th, 5th and 6th respectively, leaving the final three: John Jackson, Won Choi and Mark Bierman.The three played well for a while then Won Choi exited the game. Heads-up action then ensued between John Jackson and Mark Bierman. The two played for 45 minutes with several key shifts in play. John Jackson pushed all-In with three Qs on the board. Mark, having him covered in chips, made the call with a full house. John turned over his Q to take a commanding chip lead at that point, which left Mark with about 10,000 in chips. But, with blinds now at 3,000-6,000 there wasn't much playing room left for Mark. Surprisingly though, Mark survived several all-in moments in the blinds. But the end was near and soon Mark went all-in for 11,000 and John looked down and made the call. Mark had an A-8 to John's 10-9. The flop came 5-K-K, 4 on the turn and 9 on the river making John Jackson of Morristown, New Jeresy, our Destination Las Vegas 2010 Champion!

(Pictured are Bob Winegar and John Jackson)

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