David Kalet makes it to day 3 in WSOP Main Event

Current National Champion David Kalet is in Las Vegas and taking today off after making it through day 1 and 2 in the World Series of Poker Main Event.  He has played 12 hours each day grinding his way through the field.  His first table had former WSOP Main Event winner Jerry Yang on it.  Day one didn't start off too well as David was down to 10-12k from his starting stack of 50k.  Things weren't going well and he was card dead.  After he got down he was playing pretty tight and fought his way back to 25k.

David picked up A-Q and raised a bigger stack who had been re-raising the whole table all the time re-raised David.  Thought he was trying to push him around again David moved all in.  The bully actually had a hand of pocket kings.  Luckily for David he caught an ace on the flop.  As David said to us, "He made a bad move at the right time".  After he doubled up he was at around the original starting stack to end day one.

As day two started once again things were slow and he grinded his way to 70k picking up hands here and there.  Then a little bit before dinner break David's table was busted and he moved into the TV room.  With his new table he started catching hands picking up good starting hands and hitting trips with small pocket pairs.  At the end of day 2 FPN's National Champion sits at 232,700.  David said he appreciates all the support and he is having a blast.  Keep it up!!!

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