Keith Rich Has Great Vegas Showing

Keith Rich had a great showing and represented the state of Indiana very well!  First in the National Championship Keith came in third place out of 94 just missing out on the HPT Main Event buy-in.  He qualified for the private FPN $180 tournament by taking third the following day.  In the mean time Keith went and played in late night $180 flight and went on to qualify for the main event.  That meant he was freerolling in the private FPN $180 qualifier and if he would qualify he could sell his seat and make a quick $1650.  He got close take 5th out of 30 just missing out again, but played a solid tournament.  On Sunday he played in the main event and took out another FPN player within the first blind level.  He got to play amongst some pro's including Scotty Nguyen.  Keith went deep again, but as the whole weekend went came up just short of the cash, but still he played some remarkable poker all weekend long.

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