What's it like to play at Nationals?

The following article was submitted to us after the last Nationals and is from a players perspective.  We figured now would be a good time to share with Nationals just around the corner. 

I wrote the following to accommodate the majority of questions my fellow players were asking and have returned to normal life as some kind of hero. Undeserved of course but feel they are vicariously through me enjoying the excitement of playing in the big game.

The FPN 2nd chance game was the highlight of my trip. 123 players all vying for the prize. We had a very good showing although some couldn't make it for various reasons. I'll be relating more of that when I see you. It will take more than one convo as there is too much for one quick talk.

Anyway having made it  7th and awarded the seat to Colossus I advised the FPN team that I would play on Sunday at the 10am flight E.They handed me $565 in cash ( the buy in ) and only asked that I send a text photo of my registration. I do that as a matter of course anyway. They wanted to be able to find me in the room and get a promo photo.

I get to the Rio and start to make my way down the longest huge hallways I can remember ever seeing. They go on and on and I'm having a very hard time walking these days. I get to the end of the first one and ask a Rio staff person for directions to registration. He says just around the corner and down the hallway, there are signs - Ok Thanks.Yet another massive and lengthy hallway as far as the eye can see. Yowser !!!

Registration line is very long but seems to be moving nicely. Staff comes along the line and states clearly  ~ Have your players card, photo ID, and buy in available and easy peasy. Yes,, inside the room are 12 windows staffed by folks that knew what to do. I was thankedfor presenting the proper items and I was in and out in no time.

Table #253 seat 6 - Ok seems reasonable. Then you walk into the room and realize how bigit really is. Massive is an understatement. We've seen it on TV but in person unbelievable. 

There is a huge aisle down the middle with an equal aisle crossing left to right. My table is right on the corner. Lucky is putting it mildly. FPN found me easy enough and took a few photos. I have no idea who else may or may not have been there. 3, 694 players in this flight. The room was dead quiet when play commenced. I brought ear plugs that weren't needed at all.

End of third level the floor comes over and tells us to bag our chips, Huh ?

They picked up 40 tables and frog marched us down another very long and massive hallway to the Amazon room . Bigger and fuller as this was our final destination. They moved us to make room for the 4pm flight. I got another good table draw Gold #32 seat 6 yet again. Comfy and on the aisle. The break comes and I stand up in the aisle to check texts and update a few. Politely told everyone must leave the room. Really, the thousands of players had to move to the hallway for the break. Crowded doesn't even come close to describe that. Upon returning play resuming I'm feeling really good and settled. The cards only cooperated a little bit and the competition was fierce.It wasn't overwhelming as I had anticipated. A few hands worked and then a few didn't. We started with 5k and at one point I was up to 9k+ but it wasn't enough. My last hand flopped two pair and got counterfeited on the river by a better two pair as villain was calling me down with top top. I very good 8 level ( levels are 30 min ) run for me and an experience for the ages not to be forgotten.I learned not to be intimidated or pressured. They get two cards just like me and everyone else.

It turns out later that my Poker heroes and there are many were literally all around me but lost in the crowd. I missed seeing anyone. Shame on me for not doing a little exploring. Next time for sure! note : positivity in the previous statement.

I did get the trip of a lifetime and met some really nice folks from all over. Ironic but my nemesis all day at the 2nd chance game turned out to be last sessions big winner, Jon Lattergras, good player andall around nice guy. We ended up 7th & 6th respectively - he had 12k to my 10k at the end.

My hero overall was Jason Tancredi. He chopped the 2nd chance after collecting $300 show up money. A nice trip for him and to the best of my knowledge the only one to actually pick up any cash.  Our good friend Jordan busted the Colossus after buying in with his own funds and allegedly was doing well at cash later, to be determined how he ended up.

In closing for now all the hard work and studying is paying off and more work yet to be done. The challenge goes on............#ontothenextone

@LJRichter   'Q bar' Glendale Hgts, IL  ( Host: Dave Johnson)


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